What about Petimint?

Petimint® is a Nintendo Switch Accessories and Clothing or merchandising store inspired by the world of Nintendo games from our childhood.

We are lovers of creativity, that's why we dedicate ourselves to designing our own Swicht cases:

1º Design of artwork on Ipad

2º With our design done, we make the cases with love for you:)

But hey, we have more..

Also we design and make our own clothing !!

1º We use P.E Design program for make the artwork in embroidery format

2º We embroid the clothes

3º This is the result 

We make also Vinyl and prints: 

Some of them glow in the dark..


See the full process linking here

This is just a part of what we do, we are passionate about art, but what makes us happiness is seeing you with our very happy designs..

So let yourself be surprised with our style

Our company is located in Spain, we offer fast customer service and quality products handmade by us.. 

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Thank you for being part of Petimint   💛