Legal notice

International Shipping Notice For Clothes

If your order is addressed to a country outside the European Union, the shipment may be subject to duties, taxes or other charges due to local and/or customs laws. We will send your package through the DDU incoterm (Duties and taxes upaid), which means thatΒ Petimint will take care of delivering it, but will not assume possible customs expenses or local taxes.

The person to whom the order is addressed will be responsible for all customs costs associated with the importation of the products (even if the order is rejected). Please, if you are sending someone residing outside the European Union products from the Petimint page, make sure that they know all this.

It is also possible that, for customs reasons, the order may suffer some delay.


We are not responsible for the return in case the item comes in bad condition or broken (due to breakage caused
by the transport company or customs agents of your country). Therefore, if the item is cracked, both in the product
and in the packaging, it would mean that it was broken in the shipping process and it is not our responsibility.
You can request compensation from the transport company that delivered the package. All shipments carry insurance
in case of damaged items. But you must manage it by contacting the transport company. They will proceed to help you
and return the money for the amount claimed. We will not be able to take over or issue compensation on your behalf.
We apologize for the inconveniences.
On the contrary, if the article is damaged, with cracks or breaks... But the packaging is intact,
it means that it was not damaged in the shipping process and it was our mistake.
In this case, we would proceed with the refund.

Write us by mail if you receive the damaged item.
We will help you in the claim process to the transport company if necessary.